Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Zippy?

Zippy Payday Cash may look like a new name when it comes to payday loans and cash oans online - but we're no stranger to the loan industry and we know how many people feel like they've been taken by their lenders before.

Instead of just allowing any lender into our network, we screen our lenders to ensure they are of the highest character, to assure our customers only the best deals when it comes to payday loans and cash loans on the spot. We grew tired of seeing those awful payday loan stores everywhere with lines going out the door, but we also knew that too many online lenders were sheisty and out for blood! Our compromise was not to compromise when it comes to quality - our lenders are good people, just like our customers. We trust them, and we know you can trust them, too.

Zippy Payday Cash offers the luxury of applying for a payday loan or cash loan online from ANYWHERE - that's right, even your new iPad or smartphone! You don't need to walk into some store where everyone will know you're short on cash and in a financial pinch. Instead, from any internet connection, you can simply apply, and await money headed straight for your account in as little as a few hours!

Try us out today - our online application is safe, secure and quick, and you have nothing to lose except for those pesky overdraft fees! That's Zippy Payday Cash!