Thursday, May 19, 2011

Treasure your privacy when it comes to your finances? So do we!

Nothing is more important to Zippy Payday Cash than privacy. That's why we work hard to make sure our online application process stays secure so you never have to worry about your information being sent to undesirable parties. Moreover, our secondary concern is to make sure you don't have to share your financial information in a public setting such as those dirty payday loan storefronts, where retail clerks get to find out all about your place of employment, your pay rate, and your financial needs in front of a crowd of other people, all waiting for you to finish so they can get their loan.

When we started Zippy Payday Cash, our primary objective was to provide a service that offered quality with confidentiality - something that we noticed storefront lenders simply don't offer. As we began growing our lending network, we noticed a lot of lenders out there who just didn't offer the best deals on payday loans or cash loans...continuing in our effort to provide top-tier quality to our customers, we began carefully screening our lenders to make sure they passed the quality test. With a great network of lenders offering you the best loan possible and competing for your business, you walk away with a great loan and a low percentage rate sure to beat the storefront lenders.

Zippy Payday Cash offers privacy alongside competitive rates and quality lenders - we assure you your financial needs are in good hands. Our website is secure and the application only takes a couple minutes to complete. Once you apply, you simply wait for the best loan offers to be given to you and cash is quickly deposited into your account when you find the perfect loan for your needs! Check us out today online, whether you're on your computer at home or the office, or even hanging out on your new iPad, iPhone or Droid - our secure site is friendly for any device and we're always here to help!