Friday, May 6, 2011

Payday never comes when the bills do...

Zippy Payday Cash understands how frustrating the bills versus payday timing can be. Sometimes keeping track of every bill from the 30 day cycle bills that are due whenever they arrive to the multiple bills that seem to have invented odd due dates just to upset you can be more than aggravating - it can create overdrafts and debts you may have a hard time catching up on. Zippy Payday Cash can help you defy your payday by allowing you to get "paid" before your pay date even arrives, making bill payment easier and helping avoid those bank overdrafts that can leave you hundreds of dollars in debt with no easy way to escape.

Need some time to pay the loan back once payday finally arrives? No problem with Zippy Payday Cash - all of our network lenders offer extensions on their loans. Take some extra time to catch up on things, and stop worrying about how you'll get through the next payday. It's always best to pay you loans back as quickly as possible, but knowing you can take some extra time to pay your payday loan or cash loan back without feeling rushed or entering a vicious cycle of debt can offer you a reprieve from those feelings of being constantly hounded by bill collectors and creditors who are hungry for their payments.

Another friendly word of advice - talk to your lenders to find out how you can get your bills' due dates to better line up with your pay schedule. Most lenders are flexible on those due dates within a week or two give or take - this could help prevent you from relying too heavily on multiple small loans to survive from paycheck to paycheck...something Zippy Payday Cash does NOT encourage. Zippy Payday Cash encourages responsible lending practices, which is why we are proud to offer only the best in trusted lenders throughout our carefully screened lending network. No crooks, no bloodthirsty faceless lenders - just trustworthy lenders hoping to earn your business with the best deals on payday and cash loans. We're nationwide and we're here to help.