Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fast Cash Advance Loans Can Save You When There's a Financial Emergency!

Situations usually become a crisis when they are unexpected. When we are aware of a debt or an upcoming repayment, it is usually in the back of our mind and although it may cause us worry or stress, it may not be considered as an immediate crisis. When something appears out of the blue, like a huge unexpected mobile phone bill, an overdue water bill, or illness and injury that requires hospitalisation or medications, then you could find yourself in a real financial crisis. There will be times where you can wait for your next payday to pay the unexpected expense, and then there will be times where you have no choice but to come up with the money you need immediately. Fast cash advance loans are currently available to help you when you find yourself in this situation.

In the past, fast cash advance loans could sometimes be obtained from your employer when you found yourself in a desperate financial situation. This was back when the majority of people were still paid cash at the end of the working week or month. These days the majority of people are paid electronically, therefore making it difficult to obtain a fast cash advance loan in the form of cash from your employer out of your next paycheck. Fast cash advance loans however, can now be obtained through a variety of reputable online lenders such as those lenders that have been evaluated by Zippy Payday Cash, and although the annual interest rate appears to be quite high, in reality, obtaining fast cash advance loans over a short term period, may only cost you $25 to $100, depending on the amount you borrow and your ability to pay back the loan by the due date.

Fast cash advance loans should only be used when you have no choice but to obtain additional funds to get you out of an immediate short term financial crisis. If you can wait until your next payday, then you should do so to ensure you do not get yourself into further debt. When fast cash advance loans are obtained for wants rather than needs, you could find yourself racking up a higher amount of debt than you need to and you could even find yourself obtaining a fast cash advance loan simply to repay the previous loan you had taken out. The government and financial institutions are aware of the difficulties some people face in regards to needing loans of this type and they have put regulations into place to ensure people do not spiral deeper into debt. There is often a capped limit on the amount you can borrow and all fees and charges need to be presented to you so that you can make an informed decision prior to taking out the loan.

A financial crisis can happen at any time and it is good to know that you have options when it comes to fast cash advance loans that can help you get back into a better financial position.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Avoiding Payday Debt Cycles

Times have been tough for many working class Americans who are simply having a hard time catching up on the mounting bills that keep on coming even when the paydays don't. To make things even more complicated, emergencies like illness or an unexpected car expense seem to happen just when the money seems hardest to come by. It may seem like the only solution is to start living payday loan to payday loan, but at Zippy Payday Cash we encourage our customers to choose carefully when loans are a possible solution to their financial problems. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by financial woes - we've all been there - but getting stuck in a debt cycle because of irresponsible borrowing will only make those woes grow and those overwhelming feelings will begin to seem insurmountable.

Instead of trying to take out several payday loans to pay various bills at once or taking out a payday loan each payday, try contacting your creditors as soon as you can to let them know about your financial situation so they can work with you to set up a payment plan that is more feasible based on your current income. Many credit card companies offer special payment plans for people who are experiencing financial hardship (this is especially true for those who have been affected by the storms in the Midwest this week). Communication is key - don't just disconnect from your creditors when you're having trouble paying the bills!

If you have thousands of dollars of debt, a payday loan will not solve the problem. Payday loans from Zippy Payday Cash are there to help you when that bill sneaks up just before payday does, or when you have to take your child to urgent care. Most payday loans are for amounts up to $1500, so a person with thousands in debt may want to seek help at a credit counseling service, where they will work to educate you on how your debts have become unmanageable while working with your creditors to create a payment plan that will eliminate your debt and lower monthly payments.

Budget! Not sure how? Google it! The best part about the internet is the countless resources available to people who are seeking educational information on pretty much every topic under the sun. Websites like Mint.com and other budgeting sites even offer free budgeting assistance with email updates so you don't forget a single payment. Sometimes budgeting does mean drastic lifestyle changes - no more $200 handbag splurges; going out nightly for dinner goes out the window. Having a realistic perspective on what you can handle financially is key to living within manageable means. Zippy Payday Cash is here to help get the bills paid on time, but it is ultimately up to each and every one of our customers to avoid a debt cycle by developing a practical budget and spending smart!

Why get a Payday Loan?

Zippy Payday Cash always encourages smart borrowing. You may ask, what does smart borrowing even mean? How do I know a payday loan is the right solution to my problem? Let's look at some situations where payday loans could be the better solution.

First, take a look at your financials - are you in need of money for an unexpected expense? Will you actually have that amount, and then some, within about 15-45 days? If so, a payday loan will likely take care of your problem and allow you to catch up on bills without getting stuck in a debt cycle. We're perfect for that unexpected flat tire, an emergency room visit, an upcoming bill that is due before your next payday, or other smaller financial emergencies that you can afford to pay off at a later date. 

Make sure you don't forget to budget in your return payment to the payday loan company you borrow from - Zippy Payday Cash suggests using a budget software or online budgeting tool to keep track of your various expenses so you don't forget when items are due!

Many people blame payday loans because they've become stuck in a debt cycle after using irresponsible spending habits that led to irresponsible borrowing. We're here to keep our customers educated and informed so your next payday loan does not keep you stuck in a debt cycle. Instead, we encourage you to think of Zippy Payday Cash when you simply need to pay a bill and won't have the cash on-hand until the next payday.

Avoid taking out multiple loans from various payday loan companies! It may seem tempting when you get your first payday loan to go out and get two or three more just like it. With the amount of lenders out there (especially those seedy storefronts that pop up regularly from town to town), getting multiple payday loans from lenders is too easy - unfortunately this is bad on your credit, bad for the lenders, and creates a dangerous and hard to overcome cycle of debt that could leave you penniless! Zippy Payday Cash encourages you to think smart when it comes to your next payday loan - we have a huge network of trusted, reliable lenders who will work with you to get you the best rate on the best loan possible - smart financial practices on your part will keep your credit healthy when you use payday loans for those unexpected expenses!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Zippy Payday Cash Launches Video to Provide Free Advice to Borrowers

Zippy Payday Cash Launches Video to Provide Free Advice to Borrowers

Support Zippy Payday Cash by visiting our blog, website, facebook page or our twitter. The Video describes how to conanct us in these forums.

Hi, I'm Adrian from Zippy Payday Cash and I know how tight money can get sometimes. Sometimes your car breaks down and you need to get it repaired so you can get to work, or maybe one of your children needs something for school that they didn't tell you about 'til the last minute. Maybe you even have an emergency pet situation and you need to your furry friend to the vet or you just plain ran out of cash between paydays. I'm here to tell you: you're not alone. These sort of things happen to lots of people, every day, all over the country, especially with the current economic climate.

We started Zippy Payday Cash so we could help everyday good people in a money pinch get the cash they need from the comfort of their home or office without having to take time out of the day to drive to a seedy loan store only to wait in line or find out they've already closed for the day.

But, Getting a loan online is not always a simple process. There are some pretty shady lenders out there who will try to take advantage of people who are already going through a rough time, which is just plain wrong. My solution to this problem was to put together a business where we evaluate online lenders and only admit them into our network if they are honest, caring, fair and totally upfront about what it will cost you for a short term personal loan.

All of the lenders we work with will allow you to extend your loan if you can't pay it back right away when it comes due. Yes, it will cost more if you take longer to pay the loan back, but I assure you with Zippy Payday Cash you WILL know up-front how much that will cost as well. Our lenders discourage extensions but they make them available if you need them. Some of our lenders even offer lines of credit, which allow you to re-borrow money after it's paid back.

We wouldn't want anyone to get stuck in a short term loan cycle so we would advise against overloading yourself with too much short term loan debt. It's not good for you and it's not good for the lender either - especially if you can't pay the loan back because you're financially overextended. Our services are offered as a way to get out of a pinch and stay on track without resorting to credit cards or other options that could hurt your credit in the long run.

Zippy Payday Cash has excellent lenders in our network and they're ready to loan you money quickly and conveniently when you need it, so check us out on the web at www.nationalcashcredit.com and see how easy we've made it to apply. We'll match you with the lender that is best for your location and needs.

If it's possible, we will get you the cash you need to take care of that emergency and get you on your way in no time.

Again, I'm Adrian with Zippy Payday Cash and it's been nice talking to you. Subscribe to my Youtube channel and stay tuned for my next video and remember; things will get better!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Treasure your privacy when it comes to your finances? So do we!

Nothing is more important to Zippy Payday Cash than privacy. That's why we work hard to make sure our online application process stays secure so you never have to worry about your information being sent to undesirable parties. Moreover, our secondary concern is to make sure you don't have to share your financial information in a public setting such as those dirty payday loan storefronts, where retail clerks get to find out all about your place of employment, your pay rate, and your financial needs in front of a crowd of other people, all waiting for you to finish so they can get their loan.

When we started Zippy Payday Cash, our primary objective was to provide a service that offered quality with confidentiality - something that we noticed storefront lenders simply don't offer. As we began growing our lending network, we noticed a lot of lenders out there who just didn't offer the best deals on payday loans or cash loans...continuing in our effort to provide top-tier quality to our customers, we began carefully screening our lenders to make sure they passed the quality test. With a great network of lenders offering you the best loan possible and competing for your business, you walk away with a great loan and a low percentage rate sure to beat the storefront lenders.

Zippy Payday Cash offers privacy alongside competitive rates and quality lenders - we assure you your financial needs are in good hands. Our website is secure and the application only takes a couple minutes to complete. Once you apply, you simply wait for the best loan offers to be given to you and cash is quickly deposited into your account when you find the perfect loan for your needs! Check us out today online, whether you're on your computer at home or the office, or even hanging out on your new iPad, iPhone or Droid - our secure site is friendly for any device and we're always here to help!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why You Might Take Out a Fast Cash Loan Until Payday

There are many reasons why you might decide to take out a fast cash loan until payday. Many people, just like yourself get into scary situations, thanks to credit cards, a consumeristic society, and a seemingly endless number of necessary expenses.

Some people find themselves needing to pay off medical bills. Of all bills, this is perhaps the least expected emergency expense. Particularly if you don't have other unhealthy habits (smoking, drinking, and so on) that might have led to the health crisis, you might be taken completely by surprise. If you're struggling building up the emergency fund financial experts recommend, consisting of three to six months' expenses, debt can quickly overwhelm you unless you take out a fast cash loan until payday.

Car repairs are another very common reason people take out fast cash payday loans. They may have enough to pay off the expense, but not to pay for food, and a car is necessary in order to go to work and earn money. This kind of situation is a very tough one to be stuck in, because you never know when something will go wrong with your car but all of a sudden it does, so a fast cash loan until payday can certainly help you get the car fixed and get you back to work.

Before taking out a fast cash loan until payday, figure out how much you need to borrow. Don't borrow extra, however tempting it is, as you're paying a premium on every dollar you take out from the lender. You'll have to repay more if you borrow any money you don't absolutely need. Cut down on expenses if need be, just don't take out too much.

For that matter, you should also be confident that you can repay the amount on the date specified. Some people get into a trap of taking out one loan until payday to cover another, and so on. This cycle will never end nicely, as you get charged late fees on any payments you miss and you'll always be paying quite a fee for the money you borrow.

Come to Zippy Payday Cash to get connected with one of our reputable payday lenders who will provide you with a fast online cash loan until payday. Examine the terms and conditions, write down the repayment date or dates on your calendar so you don't overextend by spending the money needed for repayment, then take out that loan.

A fast cash loan until payday can really help you through a crisis, no matter why you need the money. There are plenty of reasons you might need it but none of them are anything to be ashamed of. No matter the situation, fast cash payday loans can save the day!

Zippy Payday Cash is a division of AtoZ Financials, LLC

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When You Need Cash Fast, Apply for a Fast Cash Loan

Are you aware of the fact that you can get fast cash deposited directly into your bank account within a an hour with a one hour loan or by the next business morning with a regular fast cash loan? Well, it is true and it has never before been easier to borrow money for those times when you find yourself short of money.

Fast cash loans are readily available on the Internet and can have you holding hundreds of dollars or more in your hands by simply filling out an online application for one of our lenders. There are numerous lenders who work exclusively on the Internet offering fast cash loans to people just like you and we've selected the best to make it easy for you. It costs nothing to apply and you will receive an answer shortly after you hit the 'submit' button. Unlike a bank, there are no interviews or lengthy questionnaires to hassle with nor any credit history to worry about. Zippy Payday Cash was designed to streamline the process of borrowing money, which means you do not have to drive to the local bank, wait in line, be questioned by the loan officer sitting across the desk from you and you can be assured that we have pre-qualified the lenders in our network and only included the best ones.

Fast cash loans through Zippy Payday Cash can be used for anything under the sun. Maybe your car broke down and your still between paychecks, perhaps you had to visit the dentist on an emergency basis and do not have the money to cover the bill or it could be that you simply want to grab a great bargain you saw advertised. You do not have to worry about waiting for a check to come in the mail with a fast cash loan nor do you have to wait for a check to clear after the funds are put into your checking or savings account. Instead, the money will be put directly into your account by direct deposit and will be waiting for you to use it!

Fast cash loans through Zippy Payday Cash come in very handy when you have car troubles. If you are like most people, you need a car in order to get to and from work and to get yourself around town when shopping for clothes, food or personal items. Having your car break down, when you do not have the money available to fix it, can be spell disaster as your only options may be to miss work completely, take public transportation, which can be unavailable or borrow money from a friend or relative, which is not always possible. But, by applying for a fast cash loan through one of our many available online lenders, you can have that much-needed money in your hands in a matter of just an hour or two. It simply does not get any more convenient than that!

So, the next time you are in a pinch financially, consider a fast cash loan from Zippy Payday Cash. It takes about five minutes to apply online and once approved, the will be electronically deposited into your account, so that you can pay for that car repair, deal with the dentist or pick up that great item you have always wanted now that it is on sale. Fast cash loans are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people discover just how easy it is to get their hands on some fast cash when they are between paydays.

Zippy Payday Cash is a division of AtoZ Financials, LLC - Always Looking Forward

Sunday, May 8, 2011

$1500 Cash Advances, Lines of Credit, 1 Hour Loans and more

Get $1500 Cash Advances any day / everyday at Zippy Payday Cash.  Find payday lenders in your area.  No faxing and no credit check. All are direct lenders. 

Line of Credit is available in most states. Is yours one of them?  Come to Zippy Payday Cash and see.

1 Hour Personal Loans Online. No Lender is Faster then the ones on Zippy Payday Cash.

Hope to see you at Zippy.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Payday never comes when the bills do...

Zippy Payday Cash understands how frustrating the bills versus payday timing can be. Sometimes keeping track of every bill from the 30 day cycle bills that are due whenever they arrive to the multiple bills that seem to have invented odd due dates just to upset you can be more than aggravating - it can create overdrafts and debts you may have a hard time catching up on. Zippy Payday Cash can help you defy your payday by allowing you to get "paid" before your pay date even arrives, making bill payment easier and helping avoid those bank overdrafts that can leave you hundreds of dollars in debt with no easy way to escape.

Need some time to pay the loan back once payday finally arrives? No problem with Zippy Payday Cash - all of our network lenders offer extensions on their loans. Take some extra time to catch up on things, and stop worrying about how you'll get through the next payday. It's always best to pay you loans back as quickly as possible, but knowing you can take some extra time to pay your payday loan or cash loan back without feeling rushed or entering a vicious cycle of debt can offer you a reprieve from those feelings of being constantly hounded by bill collectors and creditors who are hungry for their payments.

Another friendly word of advice - talk to your lenders to find out how you can get your bills' due dates to better line up with your pay schedule. Most lenders are flexible on those due dates within a week or two give or take - this could help prevent you from relying too heavily on multiple small loans to survive from paycheck to paycheck...something Zippy Payday Cash does NOT encourage. Zippy Payday Cash encourages responsible lending practices, which is why we are proud to offer only the best in trusted lenders throughout our carefully screened lending network. No crooks, no bloodthirsty faceless lenders - just trustworthy lenders hoping to earn your business with the best deals on payday and cash loans. We're nationwide and we're here to help.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What exactly is a Payday Loan or Cash Advance Loan?

You are bound to have heard about the ease of getting a cash advance loan from small and medium size lending institutions. Your officemates, friends and family members may have talked about it, and now that you find yourself in a cash flow situation where you are considering availing yourself of this financial facility, it is best to fully understand what you are getting into so you do not end up feeling trapped in a cycle of endless borrowing.

A cash advance loan is a short term loan made from a private lending company. Some call it a payday loan while others may talk about it as a paycheck advance or just a plain cash advance. Whatever it's called, a cash advance loan is classified as a small loan, because the maximum amount lent out is usually less than $1,000 and is payable on or before the next payroll date. A cash advance loan is collateral-free with minimal loan requirements, and the processing time may only take a few short hours with the loan being released in less than 24 hours. Fast and convenient, isn't it!? However, there is a catch: because a cash advance loan is collateral free and hassle free, the loan interest is high. The annual percentage rate (APR) can go up to as much as 800%.

So you may ask, is there no ceiling to the interest rate that these lending institutions charge? It all depends on what state, or city, or country you reside in and where you applied for a cash advance loan. In the United States, cash advance loans are regulated in each individual state and there are about 15 states that deem a cash advance loan as illegal based on their usury laws, meaning any and all interest charges beyond the regulatory interest rate cap based on an annual percentage rate (APR’s) is a violation of the law. It pays to know the basic state regulations in your area regarding interest bearing loans for your own protection before applying for a cash advance loan.

You can go online to get more information regarding a cash advance loan. Ask friends which cash advance loan institution they would recommend in your area. Compare the interest charges and ask them about their miscellaneous cash advance loan fees and other service charges, because some lending companies may quote lower interest rates but they charge more service fees and they can end up being more expensive. Obtain information regarding service fees for rollovers or loan renewals, and how much in interest and finance charges they collect for late payments.

The whole point here is for you to have a basic understanding of how the system works and how it can affect your financial position. Being in control of everything is the key: that is why it is important to have a good grasp of what the limits are. A cash advance loan can be a good friend when there are unexpected or emergency bills that crop up and you are short of cash, but you can also let it become a foe when you allow it to become a bad habit. Be the master not the slave. Settle your cash advance loan as soon as you can and perhaps you will receive a rebate.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who has the Best No Fax - No Credit Check Loans?

Who? Zippy Payday Cash does, that's who - Best instant, faxless, no credit check pay day loans from direct lenders.  Your instant no fax pay day loan direct zippy cash lenders are here for you with Instant Cash Goodness! Quick cash payday cash loan advances unsecured and zippy fast. Payday loans right from direct lenders, instant, faxless and no credit check required. 1 hour loans and lines of credit available, as well.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Zippy?

Zippy Payday Cash may look like a new name when it comes to payday loans and cash oans online - but we're no stranger to the loan industry and we know how many people feel like they've been taken by their lenders before.

Instead of just allowing any lender into our network, we screen our lenders to ensure they are of the highest character, to assure our customers only the best deals when it comes to payday loans and cash loans on the spot. We grew tired of seeing those awful payday loan stores everywhere with lines going out the door, but we also knew that too many online lenders were sheisty and out for blood! Our compromise was not to compromise when it comes to quality - our lenders are good people, just like our customers. We trust them, and we know you can trust them, too.

Zippy Payday Cash offers the luxury of applying for a payday loan or cash loan online from ANYWHERE - that's right, even your new iPad or smartphone! You don't need to walk into some store where everyone will know you're short on cash and in a financial pinch. Instead, from any internet connection, you can simply apply, and await money headed straight for your account in as little as a few hours!

Try us out today - our online application is safe, secure and quick, and you have nothing to lose except for those pesky overdraft fees! That's Zippy Payday Cash!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zippy Payday Cash Launches On-Site Blog

Zippy Payday Cash launches on-site blog

With blogger and feed burner why you might ask would Zippy Payday Cash need an on-site blog?  If you really don't know then this post is definitely for you!

Three Good Reasons Why You Should Host Your Blog on Your Own Domain

1. It lets you build a reputation with search engines and build a brand as a blogger.
2. It significantly increases your site content letting the search engines know that you are important.
3. It increases traffic directly to your site not to a blog engine site
4. It allows you to index your blog, add it to your sitemap and make all links "do follow"

Yes, I know that was four great reasons. Lucky You!

For these reasons and many more, Zippy Payday Cash added our new Zippy On-site Blog
Come take a peak and leave a comment or two